sharpie-sword has asked: I'm glad you took that as a compliment I was scared you would think i was like WHY TRY WITH MAKEUP YOU UUUUGLY! When I did mean it as a compliment:)))

when a guy says you look good w/o make up I always think it’s a compliment :)

gimme-d-a-t-candy has asked: Hi, I really like your blog and you are super cute too.

hey thanks I like yours too :)

Anonymous has asked: You are honestly so beautiful, you look like a model I wish I looked like you!!

thank you so much! but no be your beautiful self

sharpie-sword has asked: Damn! Why waste your time with makeup:)?

Awh thanks :)

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love yourself first
ropesbillsnhoes has asked: Acacia - what an original and beautiful name. Hi. Love the blog and your smile is infectious and gorgeous! How are you today? Have any fun plans for the weekend? xx

Awh thanks so much! hmmm this weekend I will be working and most likely going out with friends! wbu :)

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if u think i only followed u because ur hot u r absolutely right

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look whos still single in 2014

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